Who Am I?

I’m a passionate UX practitioner. Let me repeat it. I’m a passionate UX practitioner. Usability is my energy and oxygen. I look at things differently than many of the folks. And I like it that way. I see things you don’t normally see. I find issues on almost everywhere. Physical or online. Products or apps. I work for State of Texas as an usability analyst. I do lot of rapid prototypes and wire frames. A lot.

  • Hard working all the time
  • Smart thinking
  • Constantly chases the new technology scene
  • Member in lot of User Experience groups
  • It’s fun to get paid for what I like the most.

Profile Picture

Ravindra Papineni (Ravi)
Ravindra Papineni (Ravi)Usability Analyst
Ravindra Papineni…Usability Analyst, User Experience Designer

Some of my highlights

I liked working for Verizon at Houston. After observing call center workers at their own desks, I designed a UI so that it’s easy for them to answer the issue. Several iterations and worker feedback later, this clever design reduced wait time by approximately 12 seconds! That’s huge when you look at the big picture. That’s lot of savings for Verizon. Mission accomplished.
Took over and solely redesigned Texas state’s Your Texas Benefits site. A complete redesign from scratch with best practices and usability in mind. This design eliminated several steps in the application filling process, making life easier for the applicant. Saved lot of money for the HHSC agency. Received lot of kudos. Mission accomplished again.
My philosophy is simple. Put your feet in the shoes of end user. A whole new world opens this way. This strategy conflicts with developer group some times and that’s understandable. At the end we all work for end user. If the end user is happy we justify our goals.
RC planes and drones, Riding on Segway, Riding on Electric unicycle. Tinkering prototypes and creating new product ideas for Kickstarter and Quirky etc.

My past and present employers

Here’s the Good Stuff. Some of my best work is featured below.

I have added few samples!

My Resume

I may be the man you are looking for!

User Experience designer and an Usability Analyst. Two core skills in one person. Not very common. You just got a deal.
My Resume