UsabilityTimes wants you to think twice before you design for users.

User experience is everything. Online or in real world!
“Usability is about human behavior. It recognizes that humans are lazy, get emotional, are not interested in putting a lot of effort into, say, getting a credit card and generally prefer things that are easy to do vs. those that are hard to do.”
“People want less information, they don’t want more information. They want it to be easier for them to use. Easier for them to get what they want. Easier for them to do what they want to do. The next big breakthrough, in my mind, is going to come from the usability standpoint… A lot of the technology is there right now. The pieces are there… [Technology] is ahead of the software curve… ahead of people’s and companies’ ability to integrate the technology and to support the technology.”
“One reason so many large, important systems are not being used, or that users have to work around the system to get the work done, is that the programmers didn’t understand what the users were doing. They develop the application according to their own interpretation.”

Usability Everywhere

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Usability Testing 95%
Rapid Prototyping 95%
User Experience Design 91%
Contextual Inquiry 75%
User Research 60%
Eye Tracking 10%